Vietnam Vacation Part 3 (To The Temples and More Food! :)

Hello Ladies! :)

So on this part of my trip I visited the temples close to my grammies house and just spent time relaxing!

I started off the morning with some food...

These lotus blossoms are so pretty! *.*

We were super thirsty from how hot it was and went to buy some street food which there was just too many to choose from!

It was delicious!!!! I wish they had stuff like that in the US! :3

We did a surprise birthday party for my Uncle and his girlfriend bought the cake over so we were all hiding to get ready hahah :) The cake was took cute!

Bye for now! :)


Tay Tay


  1. the food there is sooo good!! I just enjoy everything there... I love vietnam and i really miss it omg.. Thanks for sharing this!! This brings me memories hehe

    A C Y H O Z - blog


    1. I know! I really miss the food! :) Sometimes it just tastes different because someone else is cooking it hahaha :) I hope we both get to visit Vietnam again ;D