Vietnam Vacaion Part 2 (My Birthday! :)

While I was in Vietnam I was able to celebrate my birthday with the rest of my family over there so it was a really nice experience! :) Other than the fact that I was extremely sick and sleepy T.T It was fun anyways :)

This was the setup before the party.

^ That choco cake was delish! :) The little animal on there was a goat since I am born in the year of the goat!!!

We had an MC and a couple singers that my uncle knew there and tons and tons of confetti and party stufs :)

See you in the next post ladies! :)




Vietnam Vacation Part 1

Hi everyone! :)

I know it's been awhile since I posted but I hope to keep you guys updated!

My life has been a bit hectic since I recently started working full time again, right after my vacation to Vietnam! :)

 I've been super lazy since then >.<

So the flight to Vietnam was a nightmare once again. We were delayed yet again and I don't even know why I thought that we would make it without any issues haha.

We were stuck in a hotel again for a day. =.=

Then we snuck out to Denny's cause I got kinda hungry hahaha

So all I did while I was in Vietnam was laze around, relaxing and seeing all of the family that I have. I went to Saigon quite a bit, shopping and relaxing in the big malls whenever it got too hot haha :3.

And airplane food is bleh as always :3

And the first thing I do when I get to my grammies house was take a long long nap. *.* And then afterwards I took a long stroll through her garden since we had nothing planned because of jetlag :D

This was a forest of lemon grass *.*

After that I ended up going to eat some 'Hu Tieu".

And then later went to have some more food hahaha :)

 So that's it for now. I didn't want to picture spam you guys hahah. 

I will post the rest up so stay tuned! :)

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