What I won from My at Style A La My AND Two Awesome Giveaways

Hey guys! I wanted to share with your guys some awesomeness that has happened to me so far and that includes winning the giveaway from My at Style A La My. She is also another Vietnamese blogger from the Netherlands who blogs about style and fashion so please give her blog a visit and check her out! :)

I was very lucky to win her first giveaway for some of the Etude House Minnie Collection Giveaway she hosted a while back! :) Can't believe I actually won since I have been having some crazy bad luck... that ranges from flooding half of someone's house while looking after their dog, when I turned on the sink a pipe busted I guess and it just went everywhere T.T Afterwards I went home and flushed the toilet only to have all the water start to come out with no ways of stopping it... there was such a giant mess to clean up. *sigh* IT has been pretty tragic for me. Don't you guys agree?

Anyways here are some of the stuff I go! :) Thank you My so much for hosting such an awesome giveaway! I've been longing for the Etude House Minnie collection but now I finally got my hands on some of it so this is just way too awesome :D

 I received the Minnie in the nail glitter in #3 Minnie in Pink.

Minnie Kissing Lips in #2 Bubble Pink.

Minnie Nail Polish in Black Face.

Minnie Wink Lash in  #1 Minnie Up Lash

I also got two sample packets!! :) Super happy right now!

With such awesome products I will definitely do a review on some of the products I received!

Other than that... Joanne is also hosting two exciting giveaways on her blog! You guys should definitely give her a visit and test your luck to see if you can win some of the awesome stuff! :)

The first giveaway is for a $50 dollar gift card to Cosmetic-love.com!

Link: Click Here

Next is a giveaway for pair of Barbie Circle Lens from Uniqso! :)

link: Click Here

Good luck to you guys! :) See you in the next post! ;P

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