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I noticed that since I've been posting so much this past month, I've been only posting about beauty products and stuff so I felt that I left out the artsy side of my blog. Which if you notice in my previous posts from last year I posted quite a bit of my portraits and arts along with hair and nail designs.

I've been drawing and sketching quite a bit at the beginning of this year but suddenly when I started to work, I lost motivation to draw and sketch T.T Which in itself is so sad because this happens to be my most favorite past time. Since I haven't posted anything art related for a while I decided to dedicate this post to it! :)

Also, I have been looking everywhere for manga/anime artist bloggers to follow and I have not found even one! If you happen to see my artsie posts and have a blog site dedicated to sketching, drawing, inking, etc for manga feel free to leave your link below and we can get to know each other better! =D

I am obsessed with anything Manga related so yeah :D

I decided to try to make my own manga since 2011 and have been working on the story line since forever but I've finally gotten to  drawing some of the pages lately until I lost inspiration since work >.< But I know I will finish this no matter what!

Genre: Ancient, Historical, Romance, Adventure, Marriage,Shoujo, Drama, and More

Anyways, these couple of days I have been trying to get back into inking my tester pages for my Manga and so far I have gotten this much done.

I don't have my scanner with me so I took pictures instead T.T

^ That group of people made me really tired when I was drawing it out but darn do they look good... lol 

Bits and parts of this chapter the characters are in Hanfu. Which is basically Ancient Chinese clothes that I am in love with *.* But most of the chapters the characters will be in Vietnamese clothing! 

I really liked how the pages turned out but I am hoping to get more of the pages finished and hopefully post them up so you guys can read the pages and see what happens in them! :)

^ Do you guys notice that pagoda behind her? That thing is taking me forever to do since it's so tiny and I have to do all the details for the roof and sides *dies*. It's gonna be the death of me >.<

Some of it is still in the sketching stage but some parts are getting inked. Hopefully I will get these pages done soon @.@

I have been inking a lot of other stuff but I don't want to spam you guys with so much stuff at once haha. Hope you guys enjoy this post and tell me if you would like to see more! :)

See you! =D

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