Trip To Asia Part 4!

Welcome Back guys! Here's the next part. You guys will probably enjoy the food show! I actually enjoyed it very thoroughly ;)

After visiting all the family and everything. We went to my moms friends restaurant called Huong Lai. It's actually a really famous restaurant in Vietnam. It has a lot of good reviews from the websites below.



It's actually a restaurant owned by a Japanese man. IT has a really nice story behind it. All the workers there are from disadvantaged families. Many are orphans on the street that receive on-the-job training, education and a place to stay. Many have gone on to secure jobs at top hotels and restaurants. The owner has helped many people no matter what race and he keeps the food there clean and good. He doesn't take shortcuts. I heard my moms friend say that even the water, he gets the bottle one for everything.

The stairs outside were really old and traditional. We went up an inside staircase until we reached the top. It was next to a Thai restaurant and another Viet restaurant... very competitive... by the looks of it.

We got all our drinks first.

This was a vegetarian vegie soup. IT was very good! Very flavorful for a vegie soup!

The rice was freaking amazing! It was done in a stone pot and cooked over open fire so you can tell the bottom is all black just like how people used to make the rice in Vietnam. The taste was really different. Really good. We ate and ate but somehow there was just a lot of it. ^.^ IT looks small but the bottom is fairly deep.

This had shrimp hidden underneath with lemongrass. Very fresh and good! There was a lot of salt on top of it too.I forgot to take a picture of when we dug them up. T.T Maybe next time.

Don't mistaken this for drinking. After the shrimp we had to peel, this is for cleaning our hands. We weren't in the season when the Jasmine flowers blossom so we didn't get any in the tea but maybe next time. The name of the restaurant is Jasmine Scent so that's where they put the jasmine!

These two were sooo freaking good. The taste is delicious! I really love food :)

Everything was kept really traditional. IT was really quiet and relaxing. The atmosphere was great! ^_^ The staff were very friendly and relaxed. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone who would like to try it. The background story brings in a lot of foreign customers so when we went in there were already foreigners from different places there. One family was from Spain, Italy, America, London, etc. A lot of different peeps so that's good! They really liked it there so that's to say something right?

Later that night when we went home, we went out to eat last minute again. My uncle invited us to go so we decided to do it anyways This was all making me fat. I think I gained at least 3 kg from eating all the time >.<

There was a hotpot that we dropped ^ those into the soup. Very good stuff I tell you!

^ This is the papaya salad with the shrimp crackers. The papaya in this was really really hard to chew... everything else was really good.

This stirfry wasn't too bad. It was pretty good! Look at how they did the carrot.

The rice was good but I have to admit, Huong Lai's rice was really good. It's raised the standards for my fried rice now. Kakaka.

The chicken was really nice! It was not too hard, just right for eating!

That's it for this post. The pictures are making me hungry heheehe. I'll post some more later. Thank you for reading my blog! Stick around for the next post. I'm rounding up the pictures so it'll be up later! :)

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