Trip To Asia Part 3!

Welcome back to my blog!

Here's part 3 of my trip. I tried to cut it down somewhat... Hihi!

After resting a bit, we ended up going to Dam Sen... which is a water amusement park that's really popular in Vietnam. I got to go several times with different people. It was pretty fun. ^.^

It was always really full, especially around Tet which is Vietnamese News Year.

We went into the ice palace which was pretty cool after being outside in the hot hot hot weather!

Our feet started to get all tired after walking all day. Can you believe I got that picture inside of a water amusement park???  Weird huh? Feels like I'm in Hue.

We also got to see Kim Tu Long who is a popular Vietnamese traditional singer perform. It was like his show for the day or something.

We even went and pedaled in the water.

Then we went into the circus area and was able to see monkeys perform. They rode on bikes and did alot of awesome tricks. I wonder how long did it take to teach them all this stuff...

We went home early so that we could go to my cousins birthday which was pretty cool. Just family meeting.

We bought a lot of pork buns and veggie buns to bring over with the cake. It was a surprise. I think it was probably a long time since she celebrated it.

 The cake was really cute. I had to hold it along the way while being driven on the mopeds... which kind of sucked. Thank goodness nothing happened to the cake *Sweat*

 I stayed at my grandmas house for the night and in the morning walked out to the fields where my aunts worked. It was a really nice morning. We kept getting stares from the young field workers... I guess cuz of how were were dressed. Weird.

The scenery was really nice! IT wasn't hot when we were walking but there were poop from cows and dogs and chickens everywhere *shivers*.

Around 10 or so in the morning we went on a trip to go to Nui Ba which was hours drive from us. It's Ba's Mountain which is for praying.

We went through a whole forest of rubber trees. IT was really nice how they managed to bend the trees for it to turn inwards into the round like a tunnel like that.

We used these to go up the mountain instead of walking up the mountain like most people cuz it was too hot. A lot of people walked up the mountain instead which would take a long time and it would hurt....everywhere >_<

It was so freaking smokey from the incense that everyone was burning. It made my eyes burn when I walked close.

After the whole thing, we ended up WALKING DOWN THE MOUNTAIN! My legs were burning. You guys should have seen the look of absolute contentment and relief when we FINALLY reached the bottom. It was crazy. When we walked down, there was a guy carrying a giant ice block up the moutain. He was sweating a river, which I felt really bad for him.  *_*

A Lot of scenery in this post so next post will be more food! Hope you guys enjoyed it! See you again! ^_^

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