Trip To Asia Part 2!

Here's more pictures for you guys to enjoy!

After that horrific plane ride that lasted for days (I exaggerate but it was pretty long) we finally made it to asia. On the trip, I noticed some of the girls were all dressed so cute and nice. I came from the part of the town where it was still snowing and freakishly cold yet all the girls were wearing short dresses and stuff and that made me wonder if it wasn't cold where they were from. Some girls even wore heels and their boyfriends were carrying them around... which would be embarrassing for me but they managed to do it. Anyways... I just ended up wearing some loose jeans and a tshirt with a sweater because it was freaking cold when we got to Japan anyways. It was comfortable. I know I must have looked freakish without makeup or my hair done. What do you guys wear to the airport? Comfy or dressy clothes?

I chose comfy. When we finally were rested enough when we reached our hometowns. We went to eat and tour around like tourists... once again. lol.

We went to BIG C and the Pandora which is like a giant shopping mall that had around everything anyone would ever need. The thing was, it was expensive. Most of the stuff was pretty pricy since this was Saigon's mainstream malls.

We went into Bud's Ice Cream inside Big C and it was probably the stupidest choice we made. Their icecream was way way pricier than any other shop inside the Mall. So if you ever happen to go... don't go here... unless you like pricy ice cream. We saw another shop close by that was 1/5 of the price that they were selling for. Ended up eating almost $30+ dollars worth of ice cream. :( THEY MADE US PAY IN ADVANCE!!!! Can you believe that? We have to pay for everything even before we got the ice cream.

The cakes are really pretty though...

This was what we had. Each serving was pretty small for $7+ worth of ice cream each T_T

^ This was supposed to have bananas in it. We called the waitress over and told here there was no bananas and the waitress said they didn't have any. They still charged us the same price for the ice cream because she says "We put 2 extra cubes of brownies in there in exchange"  I was like WTF to my aunt and sister.

We can't give it back since it was already made. They didn't even tell us in advance T_T

If you ever enter this place and just happened on my blog post... RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!

The smoothie was same price as ice cream T_T It came out last. We waited over 30 minutes for her smoothie even after everyone already finished theirs. It was really bland and SOUR. They didn't bother to do anything about the taste. Worst smoothie ever.

If you see Buds Ice Cream of San Francisco in Vietnam ANYWHERE, RUN like the WIND!

It was a waste of money for sucky ice cream.

Anyways, I Feel better after that rant.

We went around to find the arcade and I noticed how freaking packed the theater MegaStar was.

All the couples were dressed super nice. Their style reminds me of Korean stars... High Heels, bright hair, etc. Much nicer dress than I was...

We played a lot of the games in the end. The prices were pretty good compared to everything else so thank goodness!

We ended up playing until we got hungry again and then decided to go get food because the small serving of ice cream didn't help anything.

We walked around and there were so many different stuffs to eat. There was Korean, Thai, Viet, Japanese, Malaysia, etc.

Ended up eating at Com Ngon because their prices were reasonable.

The picture of what you wanted was displayed on the walls for you so it was pretty nice to get a picture of what you were going to get.

This was the fried rice with egg. Not enough sauce but it was really tasty!

This is the fried noodles with vegies. Very good! I recommend it! First time I have every tried this dish.

This was good too. It was fried rice with chicken in like a little hotpot like bowl.

This is also fried rice and vegies.

Our ticket after we finished. Around $12... not bad at all!

Was there enough eye candy in this post? By eye candy I mean foodies... lolz. Share me your foodie posts too! Would love to see them! See you in the next post!

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