Trip To Asia Part 1

Hello to all the ladies! It's been a while since I blogged hasn't it?

Like a long while, right? I've finished my trip from Vietnam a long while back but have been pretty lazy so I've finally uploaded all the trip photos so today I decided to write my post! :)

I also changed the layout and made the banner in order to motivate myself to blog more! Which is a good thing...right?

Anyways, onto the trip. I traveled to Vietnam at the end of January and during the trip, we were delayed for a day =.=

The only good thing about it was that we were able to relax for a day before we started traveling for the rest of the flights. Initially we were gonna have to pay for the whole hotel fees but they were waived because it wasn't our fault that the airplane was frosted over. We ended up staying in The Ambassador. The view was great and it was the first time I've been to such a nice hotel, you know? We ended up going around and taking pictures like tourists lolz *kekekeke*.

The room was really simple but clean so that's pretty good. The room was up high in the hotel which was freaking cool, we were pretty close to the VIP rooms so yeah.

The rooms were in a building that was inside a building so it was pretty cool looking.

That's the view from outside our window.

I've never seen so much green life inside of a hotel before. It's kind of amazing, hehe.

The service was very nice. The thing I noticed in the hotel was that... it lacked people. There were families who came in but no one was ever around? I was wondering why the heck that was. I also noticed that there were a lot of pilots and flight attendants who came here more than anyone else so I guess they just come to sleep before they go to the airport or something.

We ended up going to TGIFriday's for the majority of the day and ended up eating a lot more than we should have. Get ready to be hungry after you see the pictures. Sowwy? :3

This was the cheese and broccoli soup. It was okay.

This is the salad that came with the soup. The sauce was really gross, so don't try it.

This was really good, the shrimp, rib and chicken platter was really good. The dipping sauce was really nice. I ended up drizzling it on the salad, lolz.

I can't remember what this thing was called but it was pretty nice.

This is their Korean Steak Tacos. Very gross, will not order again T_T. There was barely any steak in it and the taste was just really bitter and gross. I have had Korean Steak Tacos elsewhere and it is ten times much better!

This was the lobster meal. It had lobster, mushroom and a really nice sauce. The mashed potatoes were a good complement. Yum.

Their breadsticks are really good. Very soft and nice :3

We came back later that night for food. It was really vacant in the morning but at night it was so full and crowded. The whole room had people in it. In the morning I was wondering why they had so many staff like 6-10+ standing around but when night came I realized that's why. 

The drink was really really sweet. It was the strawberry smoothie.

This was the shrimp and steak with rice. The rice was really nice. IT had a really good taste to it. The shrimp was very eye pleasing and stomach pleasing too hehe.

That's the end of this post. There's a weeks load of pictures. Took me forever to edit them to a good size and upload. Are you guys hungry yet? I always enjoy food posts so I took my time to take pictures of them for you guys! See you guys in the next post! :)

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