Cosmetic-Love.Com Haul : Lioele Beyond the Solution, Skin79 Hot Pink. Lovely Girl,VIP Gold Edition Bb Cream

Hi guys! I just recently got my package from Cosmetic-Love.com.

I actually did a lot of research on this company located in Korea before I actually purchased. There were a lot of positive reviews so I decided to try it out myself! The free shipping was a really nice change too! It took around 2.5-3 weeks to arrive where I live. But it was great none-the-less. I also opted for the tracking on it too and it was like... $2.75 extra. I noticed that it took them a couple days before they ship out the products. Probably a 3-5 day wait before I received the tracking information and an email stating it was shipped. So be prepared for that if you order from them!

The only thing though, was the box was rather tattered when it got here. As you can see below. IT wasn't too bad though. Some of the BBcream boxes were smooshed but it wasn't too bad.

I will first go through all of the samples and freebies I got. Which to mention, I have never been sent this many freebies for a purchase before so that's a ++++. 

I got 2 cucumber mask from 3W Clinic 100% Cotton, 1 Morocco Ghassoul Blackhead Solution packet, 1 Nature Republic Blackhead Break, 2 Black Sugar Perfect First Serum from SkinFood, 4 Skin79 Snail BB Cream Samples, and 1 Missha Wrinkle Filler BBcream sample, 4 Missha toners or something. I have no clue since it had nothing in english except Missha. Anyone who knows what it is used for please kindly point out please! I also received a yellow polish from Nature Republic. This was a pretty profiting purchase if I must say so myself. *hahaha*

This here is my actual purchase. Everyone of the BBcreams were secured tightly with bubble wrap, however, some of the bbcream boxes were smashed a bit during transit or something. 

This is the Lioele and Skin79 Lovely Girl BB cream that I got. Something I noticed off the bat was that the Skin79 Lovely Girl BBcream box was all smooshed but thank goodness nothing happened to the tube inside or else it would have been a mess.

I checked to see if everything was sealed too and sure enough, it was! :D

The tube and box was really cute! I really love the designs that Asian cosmetic brands come up with! They're all so cute!

I also happened to have purchased I believe 5 Skin79 Pink BB cream and 5 Skin79 VIP Gold Collection BB Cream. Some of the corners of the boxes were squished. I checked up on Authenticity stuffs too. Everything looks and feels very authentic so that's a win/win!

I noticed something after looking through the Bbcreams and taking pictures. Did anyone notice how Skin79 bbcream ingredients list is so super freaking long? The Lioele Bb Cream was just a small paragraph while the Skin79 ingredients just went on and on and on. I wonder what's the difference.

All in all: This is a good purchase site. The items I wanted arrived correctly. There was free shipping and the option for tracking updates. I would recommend purchasing from them! ^_^

Anyways, that's it for my purchase but I will definitely do a review on the BB Cream! I'm super excited to get the Lioele Beyond the Solution Bb Cream so that review is up.

That's it for now, I'll see you guys in the next post! ^_^


  1. you lucky girl!!!
    got so many products!!!!
    will be waiting for you reviews~
    xx Charmaineeeeeeeee


    1. I definitely had a splurge! :)
      Thanks for visiting!
      I will definitely post up my reviews soon! =D

  2. Envy!!! That's a massive haul ^_^

    1. Aw! Thanks so much for coming by! I was totally following and stalking your blog too closely .... haha... I'll post more hauls up soon when more stuff comes! :)

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog dear :)
    Wow, you got so many korean cosmetics!
    Love korean cosmetics <3
    I just purchased a Innisfree lipstick at cosmetic-love.com yesterday :D
    Hope it will arrive soon (a)
    I'm your newest follower ;)


  4. wow are you going to use up all of those bb creams o_o i can't even finish a tube lol!!
    thanks for visiting my blog ;)


  5. nice haul. can't wait to see the reviews.


  6. Wow you purchased bb creams last you for about 10 years :D