Cosmetic-Love.Com Haul : Lioele Beyond the Solution, Skin79 Hot Pink. Lovely Girl,VIP Gold Edition Bb Cream

Hi guys! I just recently got my package from Cosmetic-Love.com.

I actually did a lot of research on this company located in Korea before I actually purchased. There were a lot of positive reviews so I decided to try it out myself! The free shipping was a really nice change too! It took around 2.5-3 weeks to arrive where I live. But it was great none-the-less. I also opted for the tracking on it too and it was like... $2.75 extra. I noticed that it took them a couple days before they ship out the products. Probably a 3-5 day wait before I received the tracking information and an email stating it was shipped. So be prepared for that if you order from them!

The only thing though, was the box was rather tattered when it got here. As you can see below. IT wasn't too bad though. Some of the BBcream boxes were smooshed but it wasn't too bad.

I will first go through all of the samples and freebies I got. Which to mention, I have never been sent this many freebies for a purchase before so that's a ++++. 

I got 2 cucumber mask from 3W Clinic 100% Cotton, 1 Morocco Ghassoul Blackhead Solution packet, 1 Nature Republic Blackhead Break, 2 Black Sugar Perfect First Serum from SkinFood, 4 Skin79 Snail BB Cream Samples, and 1 Missha Wrinkle Filler BBcream sample, 4 Missha toners or something. I have no clue since it had nothing in english except Missha. Anyone who knows what it is used for please kindly point out please! I also received a yellow polish from Nature Republic. This was a pretty profiting purchase if I must say so myself. *hahaha*

This here is my actual purchase. Everyone of the BBcreams were secured tightly with bubble wrap, however, some of the bbcream boxes were smashed a bit during transit or something. 

This is the Lioele and Skin79 Lovely Girl BB cream that I got. Something I noticed off the bat was that the Skin79 Lovely Girl BBcream box was all smooshed but thank goodness nothing happened to the tube inside or else it would have been a mess.

I checked to see if everything was sealed too and sure enough, it was! :D

The tube and box was really cute! I really love the designs that Asian cosmetic brands come up with! They're all so cute!

I also happened to have purchased I believe 5 Skin79 Pink BB cream and 5 Skin79 VIP Gold Collection BB Cream. Some of the corners of the boxes were squished. I checked up on Authenticity stuffs too. Everything looks and feels very authentic so that's a win/win!

I noticed something after looking through the Bbcreams and taking pictures. Did anyone notice how Skin79 bbcream ingredients list is so super freaking long? The Lioele Bb Cream was just a small paragraph while the Skin79 ingredients just went on and on and on. I wonder what's the difference.

All in all: This is a good purchase site. The items I wanted arrived correctly. There was free shipping and the option for tracking updates. I would recommend purchasing from them! ^_^

Anyways, that's it for my purchase but I will definitely do a review on the BB Cream! I'm super excited to get the Lioele Beyond the Solution Bb Cream so that review is up.

That's it for now, I'll see you guys in the next post! ^_^


Trip To Asia Part 5!

Welcome to Part 5 of my trip! I think the one thing I really liked most about the trip was the food. I Got to try good food and enjoy it so everything else paled in comparison. Visiting my family was also good... food still wins. Hahahah. Ahem. Anyways.

We were invited by a family friend to go eat at a buffet type store inside of Big C so we decided to go. IF you read the last few posts, BIG C shops tend to be pricy ~_~. But I guess the one we went into wasn't too bad.

A lot of this was fish and stuff. Pretty good *yum yum yum*

There was a hot pot in the middle of the table, you can pick whatever you want to toss in from the rotating  line. There was all sorts of thing. This was a Japanese shop inside of BIG C.

The meal was pretty good. There were a lot of people who went to eat inside of it. IT got pretty full but we ended up staying there the longest. hahahahhaa ^_^

I blurred out the faces b/c they probably didn't want me to post a picture of them pigging out. Hahaha. Anyways. We were all super full by the time we got done. It was good food for good money if you like the hotpot thing.

After that meal, we woke up early to drive down to Vung Tau, which is a rather famous beach in Vietnam that most probably everyone in Vietnam has gone to at least once in their life. Instead of going into the real Vung Tau, we went into the resort, which was nicer. It had houses with shade and the water was nicer than the other one close by.

I totally forgot to take pictures of the all the food we ate T.T I can't believe it. Anyways, we had a lot of crab, oysters, fish, etc. Rather full and delicious meal. The sandwiches are also really good. The seafood was really good even though I rarely eat fish or anything. The crab was amazing though *daydreams*

Last but not least is the last restaurant we went to before we had to head back.

We were invited to go eat out again. Which is always good! Family members went and enjoyed ourselves with food again. *stuff stuff drools*

^ This was freaking delicious. It is squid rolled in flour and fried. The texture was really nice, the squid wasn't tough or anything, rather soft and it tasted delicious with the dipping sauce. I was in food heaven!!!! @.@

Do you guys notice how we always end up ordering fried rice for almost every meal? I also wonder why. Maybe it's an asian thing? Lolz.

The tables next to us were all empty but across the pond it was all full of people, getting drunk and making a racket so we were lucky we got this side of the pond. Hahaha! It was really traditional when you go inside the little restaurant, there were waitresses everywhere. Most of them were dressed rather skimpy. Short booty shorts and cami's. I was wondering about them... Anyways. I had a good trip. Ate good food, went good places, and visited old family members.

Hopefully you guys got a taste of my vacation somewhat *pun intended* Lolz. Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for my upcoming reviews and posts! ^.^