Special News AND More Portraits! ^_^

Hey guys!

I am going to tell you some awesome news!

I will be leaving for Asia in a couple of months... My parents think I need some more training in haircutting so I am going to be staying there for 6 months + ! Probably almost a year or so.... I'll probably be vacationing more than training.... so.... I will definitely be bringing my camera and taking pictures where ever I go. This time around... I will definitely go eating out so you will definitely be seeing a lot of food pictures in the future...

If you guys are wondering... I will be in Vietnam soon! Anyone ever been there before? :3 I'm probably going at the start of next year... or something

I think this will be a great experience since I will be going with my sister and without my parents!

I think this trip will be awesome but the flight won't! Each time I go we always get delayed and so I'm in the airplane for almost 2 days... which sucks!

Anyways.... I'm going to post some more of my art..... I've been portraiting a lot and I want to draw more anime/manga related stuff so I'll post some of that too... ^_^

I'll post some more later but right now I am currently waiting for my test results! Hopefully they will come tomorrow! I might post more if it does come so please cross your fingers for me! ^_^ Thanks for reading today!

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