Passed !

Guess what you guys????

I FREAKING PASSED!Whoop Whoop! Hoopla! Hoop to the La! I am now a LICENSED Cosmetologist! Fist Pump Fist Pump Fist Pump!

Ha... ok.... I'm calmed down now. Ahem. So anyways. I'm going to be going to Vietnam In February next year... gonna get myself to booking the tickets *falls*

Ahem... Anyways.

Earlier in September or October my family and I went to an orchid and went picking for fruits and stuffs and I got some freaking awesome pics!

I tasted a lot of fruits hahah... made me get a stomache ache from trying all the fruits! There were some grapes but there wasn't a lot... I didn't get to take a picture.

I'll get to posting about BBcream soon enough. I'm gonna get my hands on some more... Has anyone had any luck with American brand BBcreams like maybelline... garnier... or anything? Would love to see the reviews if you have tried it!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I googled: I won a Wii U from BK and came to your post! My husband and I have been playing every day to win and now I know what the screen looks like if we do win! FUN!!!

    Have you gotten it yet?

  2. Not yet! It really is a fun game to play... I know there's also one for pepsi... I haven't received it yet but it should come in this year... I think they said they will also post a list of all the winners on January the 20th... I love instant win games compared to those other games where you have to wait for the result. You never know when you will win! ^_^ but good luck to you guys!