Cosmo Ramble... Some drawings AND Tralala Giveaway!

Hi guys! I'm back with another post! Possibly a lot of rambling on my part... T_T

On monday of this week I was driven 6... not 1... or 2... or 4 hours... but SIX hours to the testing site to get my cosmetology license.... SIX HOURS! It was not fun at all because I had to wake up at like 3 in the morning and get ready to leave. We were constantly on the road so not many pit stops in order to get to the testing site on time... We had to check in before 12 o'clock in order to get in to test.

If you were late.... you were sadly not able to take the test. IT was funny that they made everyone wait till like 1:45 before we actually entered to take the test. I was dying by then.

There were 14 procedures we had to do. Haircut, perms, relaxers, coloring, lightening, manicure, structured nails( aka acrylics), and etc.

We were taking the test for 5 hours and 40 minutes! NO freaking breaks in between. If you did break... you have to make sure you have time to do your procedure because the break counts towards your time... which was impossible for me. Everyone was running for the bathroom like their lives depended on it. I just chose to hold it in... for the better... or something... If I get UTI I might just sue them... Just kidding.

I've never had a test as hectic as this... during the 5 hours, everyone had to stand.

I was so freaking nervous!

Throughout the whole test, the ladies were like hawks staring at you... invading your space.... and checking everything with such a keen eye.

Some girls had brought acrylic kits that were opened and weren't sealed so they weren't able to take that portion of the test which just might cause them to retake the test and pay 99 dollars all over again and possibly drive to the test site again.

One girl at my table was crying a whole river cause she couldn't take it... and then the judge checked another girl and she was also unable to test that part... her face got really red too... I felt so bad for them. There were 5 girls at my table, btw. We were all judged by one lady.

I felt so relieved when we were done with testing... I literally ran to find the restroom... it was such a stressful test!

I'm still waiting for a letter to arrive telling me if I pass for fail. It's supposed to come in 10-15 days after testing... and I have a couple days left. I get so nervous when I see my mailbox.... i hope it's good news!

Anyways... after I got home all I did was sit around and relaxed and went to drawing since I didn't do any of it since I was studying for the tests and everything.

Drawing is stress release for me.

So I ended up sketching... and drawing portraits.... some of them are from during class time in cosmo and some after I finished my testing....

 This one has been unfinished since last year... I've been pretty lazy and haven't been doing much.... *sigh*

You probably notice how.... you can see some words in the background or something... that's because these were almost all drawn on scrap pieces of paper in class.... i couldn't find any white paper... heheh.... anyways I only used a mechanical pencil .07 lead and plain paper.... and some napkins I had.

Other than that, I was also playing the keyboard like mad... which I have been trying my hardest to play Fur Elise, moonlight sonata, etc AND Jay Chou's Qing Hua Ci. Which I LOVE LOVE LOVE!

I'm literally obsessed with the song.... in between songs I was also learning Haru Haru... Lies - Big Bang and Suteki Da Ne.... too many things at once right?

I'm looking for piano sheets of Pon Pon Pon and Tsukema Tsukeru- Kyari Pamyu Pamyu. Love that song!


While browsing around for Gyaru stuff...like I always do... I came across Tralala and their awesome giveaway. Tralala is under the same company as Liz Lisa and I absolutely ADORE the LIZ LISA brand. Tralala is also a big Gyaru brand company and their stuff is really cute!

Like this....

and this...

I love those outfits!

Here's some of their info below.

TRALALA Official Website: http://store.tralala-net.com/
TRALALA Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Tralalagirls
TRALALA Official Tumblr: http://tralala-official.tumblr.com/

They are giving away this cute outfit!

All you have to do is like their facebook page... and optional entries of sharing on twitter... blog... etc!

TRALALA Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Tralalagirls

Good luck to everyone! ^_^

Other than that I will post some more of my sketches and stuff later...

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