Cosmetology Part II ~_^

Here's some more pictures! Enjoy the view! ^_^

I really loved the whole heart braid thing so I attempted it... it turned out pretty well...

Here's some other nail arts... and my tree *kakakkakakkak*

This one I cut and styled and highlighted. Love how the pink came out!!! It was so freaking bright and I loved it! I'm glad I got to do something so out there! Anyone want purple, pink, blue... or something outrageous done to their hair? Call me up! ^_^

Look how badly I was bleeding!

Just kidding! That's just some really dark red nail polish! It looked a whole lot like blood! hehe

Other than that... I attempted tattoo art on my poor plastic hand!

That's it for now...; I was going to go scan some of my art that I had in my binder but then got lazy and decided to laze around... lolz.... I'll do it tomo...row.....O_o Maybe....

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