Aloe Vera Care and Some Shoe Hauls!

I'm on the roll today... so I decided to post some more stuff for my starving readers! Just kidding!

Recently I got some aloe vera plants and have been trying to take care of them... but I'm not too sure... I'm supposed to deprive them of a good environment... watering like... every 1 to 2 weeks. I guess it's supposed to be good if I treat them badly...

I'm hoping to grow an outrageously LARGE aloe vera farm and live off of aloe vera for life... lolz.

It's known to be good for about everything... from skin to helping certain diseases and stuff... so it's a good thing to be growing them!

They're looking good after I finally realized that you shouldn't overfeed them with water... don't water everyday... THEY WILL DIE!!!!

I also took some really pretty pictures of some carnations!

Really nice, ne?

Other than that... about a week or so ago there was a store selling all their stuff to close and I got a lot of shoes for like 4 bucks! Lucky right? I bought a lot and then realized... they're just going to lay in my house unused since I really don't have anywhere to go with them... especially in this small town.... where wal-mart is like the only place to go for fun... sadly...

They are good eye candy though... right? Glad I decided to buy them though... never know when I have to use them to flaunt myself.. right? KEkekeke

I'll be back to post some nail tuts or something later! Comment away my fellow readers! ^_^

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