Aloe Vera Care and Some Shoe Hauls!

I'm on the roll today... so I decided to post some more stuff for my starving readers! Just kidding!

Recently I got some aloe vera plants and have been trying to take care of them... but I'm not too sure... I'm supposed to deprive them of a good environment... watering like... every 1 to 2 weeks. I guess it's supposed to be good if I treat them badly...

I'm hoping to grow an outrageously LARGE aloe vera farm and live off of aloe vera for life... lolz.

It's known to be good for about everything... from skin to helping certain diseases and stuff... so it's a good thing to be growing them!

They're looking good after I finally realized that you shouldn't overfeed them with water... don't water everyday... THEY WILL DIE!!!!

I also took some really pretty pictures of some carnations!

Really nice, ne?

Other than that... about a week or so ago there was a store selling all their stuff to close and I got a lot of shoes for like 4 bucks! Lucky right? I bought a lot and then realized... they're just going to lay in my house unused since I really don't have anywhere to go with them... especially in this small town.... where wal-mart is like the only place to go for fun... sadly...

They are good eye candy though... right? Glad I decided to buy them though... never know when I have to use them to flaunt myself.. right? KEkekeke

I'll be back to post some nail tuts or something later! Comment away my fellow readers! ^_^

Cosmetology Part II ~_^

Here's some more pictures! Enjoy the view! ^_^

I really loved the whole heart braid thing so I attempted it... it turned out pretty well...

Here's some other nail arts... and my tree *kakakkakakkak*

This one I cut and styled and highlighted. Love how the pink came out!!! It was so freaking bright and I loved it! I'm glad I got to do something so out there! Anyone want purple, pink, blue... or something outrageous done to their hair? Call me up! ^_^

Look how badly I was bleeding!

Just kidding! That's just some really dark red nail polish! It looked a whole lot like blood! hehe

Other than that... I attempted tattoo art on my poor plastic hand!

That's it for now...; I was going to go scan some of my art that I had in my binder but then got lazy and decided to laze around... lolz.... I'll do it tomo...row.....O_o Maybe....

A little from my Cosmetology Journey

Okay so on the 1st of August I was supposed to create a celebratory post but after I was done with class, all I wanted to do was  laze around the house all day. That included laying around watching burn notice, Chinese paladin 3, and stuffing my mouth with food.

Other than that, it was a day worth celebrating for! Why? Because that was the last day of Cosmetology!!!!! Hurrah!  I never thought that this day would come! In the last month or so I've been staring at the calendar constantly! To finally be done means the whole world to me! I'm done!!!!!!! D to the o-n-e!!!!

I was running around the house like a total loon while my mom was staring at me like I was crazy! Crazy I tell you! But I assure you, I am perfectly fine!

I feel like right now my internal clock is all messed up. Everyday I end up waking up at 6:30 because that's the time I always had to wake up for class! Thank goodness I am done! *wipes sweat off*

I could tell that I had a whole lot of stress built up just from being at the school for 10 hours a day AND dealing with all the drama from everyone else in the class.... but now that I am done, I can only breath out in relief.

I know that I haven't shown you guys any of the things that I cam to learn from cosmetology so I decided... today's the day!

I had an affinity to drawing trees as nail art ~_~ Sadly, I don't think people really want trees on their nails... lolz.. I'm still practicing on my nail art.

There was this really cute tape dispenser! ^_^

And then more hair stuff....

Anyone recognize the cute blue thing? Poorly drawn but recognizable right?

I'll post more later when I actually sift through all the stuffs I did and took pictures of! I'm waiting to go test for my license so wish me luck guys!