Back for a bit... ^_^

  Hi guys! I know it's been a couple of months since I posted something! I've been so busy with
 class since the hours changed around to summer hours. I'm spending 9.5 hours in class everyday! And I've also been counting down the days until I leave class which is around 2 months or more T_T... and talking about leaving class. At the start of our class we had 25 people going to class and by now, 10 months later we only have 10 people left. Sadly >_<

Yesterday one of our classmates left the course.... which was extremely sad since we are almost at the end of this long journey from the class *sigh*.

 I have to say though... with this class... there is just a lot of drama being that there are too many girls with varying personalities!

These couple of months on the floor (working on customers), have been a good experience. I've met a couple of people who have come back from time to time requesting me as their stylist... which is good for my clientele. I've met varying people too who really are just different.

Anyways. class has been a really busy ... since it's the summer... *sigh* More work no pay.

Lately I've been having takeout. I am eating a lot of Thai food.

Looks fatty but it's sooooo good! I'll try to post more food related posts since I love reading food posts... hope you guys are up for it! ^_^