It's the start of Spring guys! I walked outside today and JUST noticed that the tree in front of my house has really pretty flowers blooming!

I got some really good snapshots of the tree! Can't believe how good they came out! ^_^

Welcome to the start of spring! I'm going to try to post some more this month so look out for that! ^_^

My Eyebrow Tattoo Experience

Hi everyone! I know it's been a heck of a long time since I posted anything.... Sowwy! I just haven't been able to get any free time before since my schedule has been kind of hectic... *sigh* I've been busy with school AND volunteering my time to help do makeup and hair for the people at the school play and working....

Thanks for everyone who is following me! I really appreciate it! ^_^

Alright... now onto today's post. I was kind of hesitating on whether I should post or not since I totally couldn't find any good pictures T_T... you'll have to bear with the poor quality of the pictures. 

When I went to Vietnam last year... in February of 2011 I went ahead and just got my eyebrows tattooed. It wasn't a really bad experience... in fact... the whole thing went pretty well!

Sorry that the middle picture is so dark... it's the only picture I could find at the time.

In the before, my eyebrows were undefined and all over the place... in the right after my eyebrows looked alot darker... like really dark... but then a couple days later when it healed, it became lighter. I was leaning in the first and last photo so my eyebrows looked uneven.... but anyways.

Here's how the process went.

I didn't really have to book an appointment really... I just kind of went in, filled out some paperwork and payed for the tattoo, which was around 9 dollars to tattoo both my eyebrows... It is way cheap AND I got a professional to tattoo my eyebrows. The lady who tattooed my eyebrows knew my aunt so it was an easy process.

There was a long wait to get my eyebrows done though. The place was jam packed with people and they are very popular! Which I really didn't know until I had to wait around 30 to 45 minutes to get my eyebrows done

She did not shave my eyebrows off before she began like the ones in the United States do. She just took a brow pencil and started drawing in eyebrows and shaving off the hair that was in the way. When she finished which was like in 3-5 minutes, she asked me if I like how it was and if there were any parts that I would like to change.

She had a lot of years of practice so I really trusted her.... which was a good thing. If I didn't like it she would redraw another pair until I was satisfied. She was really nice and everything!

She used a spray and sprayed my eyebrows so that it would numb it a bit before she started to tattoo in the eyebrow.

If you look really close at  my eyebrows you can see that she didn't fill in the whole eyebrow in black since I wanted the eyebrows to be more natural... instead of looking like this.

If you look really closely, she instead drew lines down my eyebrows instead of filling in it. My sister had her's done too and got arrows.... >>>>>>>

They were very natural and everything.

This took the lady around 25-30 minutes to finish both eyebrows... I still felt pain while this was being done but the eyebrows came out nice so I didn't really care. :3

The gave us product to put in the eyebrows and everything. The room I was in was PACKED full of people waiting for their turn! Right next to me was a lady getting permanent eyeliner and right next to her was a lady getting permanent lipcolor... it looked a lot more painful than mine was.

The lady also said that this would fade within 3-5 years... My mom's lasted 10 years already... They can also erase/remove your tattoo for like 18 bucks... which is still really cheap and everything!

I asked people who did permanent makeup over in the United States and they said it is not removable and if you do remove it, it will cost thousands of dollars... @_@ What the heck?

Anyways. I will totally put up the location/address for anyone whose going to Vietnam and is wanting to get their eyebrows tattooed! I would recommend this place since they are quick, reliable and very nice!

I was on the second floor of the building but they also do other surgical stuff like liposuction... and other cosmetic stuff in the other floors too. They had a lot of rooms where they do permanent makeup.

Before I had the tattoo I was really embarrassed about my eyebrows and caring for them was a hassle since I really didn't know what to do with them. My eyebrows were pretty short and fat. Now I like the arch I have to them and the tail too. I'm pretty much satisfied with it.

Good luck to anyone who is wanting to do this! ^_^