My Black Friday Haul!

Okay... after some time I finally managed to get the pictures taken and everything so you guys can see what I purchased over black Friday! Most of the products were from Wal-Mart! Black Friday was horrific.. if it weren't for the products I probably wouldn't have gone.

Since this year the sale started at 10 in the evening, Wal-mart here was overly crowded, people were parking in the grass outside of Wal-mart and there was showing and stealing of carts and ads ~_~... Which was dumb... I came at 9:30 pm and it was packed.... I came home at like 2 in the morning after waiting for the 12 am sale... I was going to get some of the cheap towels on sale but people were too rabid... and crazy... tugging for towels and everything...

So anyways...

I purchased a Sony Cybershot with 16.1 MP in silver(which I will do a review on later) - $99, a SeaGate Goflex - $54, cute white scarf set, Olay bath products set - $10, ipod amplifier - $7, 2 onn wireless mouses - $8, a pink and black camera case - $7 each, 5 4GB sandisk camera cards - $5 each, and a bunch of printers cuz my old one died and I couldn't choose between which one wanted...

I'll do some reviews later so watch out for that!


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