Happy Lunar New Year!

HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR! It's the year of the dragon too! ^_^ Woot woot! It's a start of a new year so let's start anew! ^_^

My family and I have been preparing for the start of the new year and I hope you guys have too!

I love new years because of all the food you get to eat ~_~ *nom nom nom*

Have a good day today! ^_^  I will definitely post more pictures later! Thank you for following and viewing my blog! This means a whole lot to me ^_^. Thank you!

I hope everyone will have a good year this year and lucky with everything you do this year! ^_^


  1. Are those candy?? :) I always see those kind of containers from the first picture at the Asian market nearby, and wonder what they are, it looks like Ginger too :)

    1. It's a mixture of stuff... from sweetened gooseberry to crackers, sweetened fruits, dried fruits, ginger, peanut crackers... lots of snacks to munch on while drinking tea.... lolz... It's very yummy :)