Cosmetology...Hair Color Swatches!!!

I thought I'd do a post on what I've been doing in cosmetology... which is coloring hair swatches! Very colorful. I've been bleaching and coloring a lot of swatches with Matric So Color, Redken and etc.

Here's some of the books I study from (there's more T_T)

Most of the hair that's colored here is yak hair... none of it is human hair so the color that the hair turned out is much different then what it's supposed to be T_T. Don't look at the handwriting... it's gross. lolz. I have bad handwriting T_T.

Here's the book for acrylic nails...

I'll be on the floor in January! Woot Woot! Which means I get to work on clients ... *stress stress* Cheer for me guys!

Click on the pictures for a bigger view! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Aww wow it looks so fun! I wish I could do a beauty course :o
    Hope you're getting on OK with working on clients. If you haven't started yet I wish you the best of luck ( ^_^ )d