Happy Lunar New Year!

HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR! It's the year of the dragon too! ^_^ Woot woot! It's a start of a new year so let's start anew! ^_^

My family and I have been preparing for the start of the new year and I hope you guys have too!

I love new years because of all the food you get to eat ~_~ *nom nom nom*

Have a good day today! ^_^  I will definitely post more pictures later! Thank you for following and viewing my blog! This means a whole lot to me ^_^. Thank you!

I hope everyone will have a good year this year and lucky with everything you do this year! ^_^


Troublemaker - JS (Hyunseung from B2ST) & Hyuna.... and I'm a JUNAH shipper( Junhyung + Hyuna)

Has anyone seen the MV for TroubleMaker by JS (Hyunseung of B2ST) and Hyuna aka the Group TroubleMaker?

They make one sexy collaboration! You need to definitely see the MV.

The song is also very catchy and the tune is stuck in my head when I listen to it!

Troublemaker - JS & Hyuna Lyrics

1! 2! 3!

[JS] Ni nuneul ppomyeon nan Trouble Maker
[Hyuna] Ni gyeote seomyeon nan Trouble Maker
[JS] Jogeumssik deo deo deo
[Hyuna] Galssurok deo deo deo
[JS] Ijen nae mameul nado eojjeol su eopsseo
Niga nareul itjji motage jakku ni apeseo tto
Ni mam jakku naega heundeureo beoseonal ssu eopttorok
Ni ipssureul tto humchigo meolli daranabeoryeo
Nan Trou a a a ble! Trouble! Trou! Trouble Maker!
Trouble Maker!
[Hyuna] Trouble Maker!
[JS] Trouble Maker!
[Hyuna] Trouble Maker!

[Hyuna] Ni mameul kkaemulgo domangchil geoya goyangicheoreom
Neon jakku andari nal kkeoya nae apeuro wa eoseo hwanaeboryeom
Nae sekssihan georeum ni meori soge balttongeul kkeoneun
Eungeunhan seukinsip eolgure bichin mot chama jukkketttan ni nunbit

[JS] Galssurok gipi deo ppajeodeureo alssurok niga deo mame deureo Baby
Amuraedo ni saenggage chwihaennabwa Lady
I never never never stop!
Niga nareul itjji motage jakku ni apeseo tto
Ni mam jakku naega heundeureo beoseonal ssu eopttorok
Ni ipssureul tto humchigo meolli daranabeoryeo
Nan Trou a a a ble! Trouble! Trou! Trouble Maker!
Trouble Maker!
[Hyuna] Trouble Maker!
[JS] Trouble Maker!
[Hyuna] Trouble Maker!

[JS] Eotteoke neol nae mame damadul su inneunji (Trouble Maker)
[Hyuna] geunyang nae mami ganeundaero ijen
[JS] I never never stop!
Meomchul su eopsseo
Niga nareul itjji motage jakku ni apeseo tto
Ni mam jakku naega heundeureo beoreonal ssu eopttorok
Ni ipssureul tto humchigo meolli daranabeoryeo
Nan Trou a a a ble! Trouble! Trou! Trouble Maker!
Trouble Maker!
[Hyuna] Trouble Maker!
[JS] Trouble Maker!
[Hyuna] Trouble Maker!

Hyuna is so freaking FIERCE in the MV too!

I know there has been so much controversy over Hyuna being too sexy and slutty but I personally think that it's just the stylist doing their job... her dresses are on the short side but if you notice... nowadays... almost all Kpop singers are donning on short outfits since I believe it does help make then seem taller.  Not that I am saying that all singers should follow the crowd... but if the people love it then why not?

She's old enough and I know A LOT of teens in America... freaking younger than her than year stuff like that.... or less...so why not?

Hyuna does a great job on her rap... I personally think it is freaking awesome! She has a lot of charisma and JS has great vocals which made this collaboration a big success... if you ask me.

The dance routine was a bit on the adult side... but I guess it helps obtain the 'Troublemaker' name of the group. It was very sexy though.

When the two did their first live, I was kind of disappointed in the fact that Hyuna was kind of bland and didn't show much of the fierceness in that I saw in the MV. Her rap was just... so-so... while in the MV she looked freaking fabulous. At the end of their collaboration... I kind of saw it but overall... I think she could have done better... but then again, the short dresses and freaking story high heels kind of make it hard huh?

I support this collaboration a lot AND I hope they do another one together!

What do you guys think? Feel free to leave comments...

I love the collaboration but I still am a hardcore JUNAH shipper from their Change days! Woot Woot! No hating!

Here's some more gifs I found from http://fuckyeahjunah.tumblr.com

Give it a visit!

I'm an avid K-Pop, C-Pop, J-Pop, V-Pop, T-Pop, A-Pop, etc *fingers shaking* fan... I support a lot of music AND it doesn't matter if I don't understand what they are saying... because music is universal!



Cosmetology...Hair Color Swatches!!!

I thought I'd do a post on what I've been doing in cosmetology... which is coloring hair swatches! Very colorful. I've been bleaching and coloring a lot of swatches with Matric So Color, Redken and etc.

Here's some of the books I study from (there's more T_T)

Most of the hair that's colored here is yak hair... none of it is human hair so the color that the hair turned out is much different then what it's supposed to be T_T. Don't look at the handwriting... it's gross. lolz. I have bad handwriting T_T.

Here's the book for acrylic nails...

I'll be on the floor in January! Woot Woot! Which means I get to work on clients ... *stress stress* Cheer for me guys!

Click on the pictures for a bigger view! Thanks for reading!

My Black Friday Haul!

Okay... after some time I finally managed to get the pictures taken and everything so you guys can see what I purchased over black Friday! Most of the products were from Wal-Mart! Black Friday was horrific.. if it weren't for the products I probably wouldn't have gone.

Since this year the sale started at 10 in the evening, Wal-mart here was overly crowded, people were parking in the grass outside of Wal-mart and there was showing and stealing of carts and ads ~_~... Which was dumb... I came at 9:30 pm and it was packed.... I came home at like 2 in the morning after waiting for the 12 am sale... I was going to get some of the cheap towels on sale but people were too rabid... and crazy... tugging for towels and everything...

So anyways...

I purchased a Sony Cybershot with 16.1 MP in silver(which I will do a review on later) - $99, a SeaGate Goflex - $54, cute white scarf set, Olay bath products set - $10, ipod amplifier - $7, 2 onn wireless mouses - $8, a pink and black camera case - $7 each, 5 4GB sandisk camera cards - $5 each, and a bunch of printers cuz my old one died and I couldn't choose between which one wanted...

I'll do some reviews later so watch out for that!


Makeup Brush Set Purchased From Ebay!

I also purchased a makeup brush set from Ebay recently!

It came in this bubble wrap envelope! There were 16 brushes total!

Here's my review:

Price: $11.57 with shipping
Product Location: Shen Zhen. China on the profile but the package says Shanghai, Shanghai...
Seller: tomtop_auction
 Ebay store: http://myworld.ebay.com/tomtop_auction/?_trksid=p4340.l2559 


Soft bristles
Great brush condition
Almost the same length throughout!
They're purple! (Lurve the color!)
Each brush had a plastic cover over the tip to keep it clean


Slow shipping (3 and a half weeks... but then it came from Shanghai...)
One of the brushes was cracked at the metal base
The mesh on the brush roll was falling out and the brushes could fall out of the brush roll.

Overall: 8.5/10

I was happy with this purchase too... although there were some bad parts to it. As long as the brushes were okay then I'm fine with it. The brushes were super soft so that's a plus! The shipping kind of was sad but I'm glad it came before Christmas! Yay!

That's it for now! More reviews coming!

Nail Art Brush Set Purchase From Ebay! ^_^

Okay guys! I recently said that I was going to do a review on some brush sets I purchased! And oh did I purchase. Over November and December of 2011 I purchased a whole crack load of stuff.... so much money gone... ~_~ But I'm going to do some reviews on them so.... you guys are in for it!


I purchased two sets of nail art brushes. The ones that are pink are the regular nail brushes and the other was for acrylic and gel nails, which are the white brushes.

The white ones cost me $3.00 and the pink ones were $2.87. So total $5.87... not bad at all! Much cheaper than the ones I can find around town T_T.

I purchased both sets from Kiss-Beauties. Their located in PORTSMOUTH, United Kingdom.

Here's their ebay store: http://myworld.ebay.com/kiss-beauties/?_trksid=p4340.l2559

Here's my review:


Nice quality
Soft bristles
No dents or breaks
Shipping was fast, around 2 weeks to Kansas


Not all the same length, for instance the nail brush is shorter (You can see it in the above pictures)
The plastic case it came in scrunched the brushes up
The plastic case was ripping open easily

Overall: 9.5/10

I was very happy with this purchase! I have to say that these brushes have a very good quality! I was highly impressed! They were smooth and nice to hold and they came faster than I expected!

That's it for now! ^_^