Happy Late Christmas!

Alright guys, Happy Late Christmas everyone! I'm off of Cosmetology for break until January 17... YAY ME! I will try to blog more while I am on break so that's a good thing right?

Over break I have been working on haircutting and acrylic nails... this is totally not an easy subject. I'd like to think that I improved after cutting so much hair T_T. I've gotten faster.

But I have to state that maniken head and human head is different so I'll just see where it gets me. I've also spent an awfully big amount of money just buying things online ~_~. Bad me.

I will definitely do the reviews within break so wait for me!!!! There will be a lot of posting! *sweat sweat*

Here at the end of the year I would like to say that this year kind of sucked for me. There were so many problems to solve and nothing went the way it was supposed to @_@.

My printer broke... tv broke... just everything was disastrous! I am hoping for a better year next year! Good luck to everyone next year! ^_^

Not my dog but sooo freaking cute! wish I had one ~_~

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