My Vacation To Asia! Pictures Pictures and More Pictures!

I was telling myself that I should post up some photos from my vacation in February during Lunar New Year! It was a great experience since I haven't been to my country in a long long time. I was glad but have to take off time from college and had to make up all my assignments T_T. <----- That was the sad part ~_~.

This was the pictures of my trip. This was when I entered Narita Airport in Japan.

They had such cool nicknacks! Be prepared to receive yen instead of dollars in change if you buy something! lolz. Maybe I will use the yen when I go through Japan again. ~_~

Here's some pictures of some ice-cream I had a really big ice-cream social place. Very good ice-cream!

One was a mangosop shake, 2 strawberry shakes, a vanilla nut ice-cream, and 2 fruit ice-cream. It was delicious since it contained exotic asian fruits! ^_^

There was durian, longan, jackfruit flavors in it too!

Loved every second of it! ^_^

 I want to show you guys show scenery I captured from Vietnam but I have to find and edit them. You will be seeing them soon so don't worry!

It was a very enjoyable trip! I loved how relaxed everything is!

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