My First Art Post! Woot Woot!

Click on the picture for full size~! ^_^

I decided to do a quick post. I've been practicing on ways to draw flowers thus far. It's not going that great.

I did this while in cosmetology class during break.

Can anyone guess what I colored the flowers with?

It's nail polish! 

Now I can call this nail ART right? lolz. Sorry for my lame jokes. Wakakak.

I'm a newbie at coloring but I hope to get better. My scanner also crapped up the colors >_<.

This is not on paper so I didn't use pencil, I used a silver sharpie and drew this before coloring with nail polish. 

This is just a cosmo cleaning pad/mat thingie-mabobber. I don't know what it's called ~_~.

Comments and critiques welcomed.

I'm tagging and watermarking all my art since there's been so much online theft and such.

I'm not the best at drawing but who knows! 

Thanks for reading! ^_^


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