HimeGyaru Styled Nails!

Okay, so here's some new nail designs that I did in cosmetology. You won't believe how long I spent on each nail. 

I spent at least freaking 15-30 minutes on each one T_T. I didn't know what to do on each nail so I ended up looking at the nail and just picking stuff and colors to design it with.

At least they look ok right? Which one do you like the most? I like second to last picture. Took me a long time to put on the pearls and designs! 

I'm getting used to my schedule so I don't feel so tired everyday!

I tried to do some himegyaru styled nails. Does it look like it? I love the himegyaru style! Can you tell? *hohohoho* 

Thanks for reading! ^_^


  1. it looks great and gorgeous!! ^_^ I love them all!! :D

  2. Thank you for the advice FairyWater79! ^o^ I feel better. And sorry for the late commentback.

    Wow! I really like this one. I am a fan of the Gyaru and Mori trend. <3 Good joooob! It's great to know that I've met someone who takes up Cosmetology. XD

  3. I wanted to try this soon, yay!!!