Another Portrait/Anime/Manga Style Attempt!

Click the image to see the full size please!
If you guys notice my drawings tend to have weird stuff showing through since I sketch and draw on backs of calendars, hand-outs, etc. 

I tend to draw when I get motivated, which is in an area in which I don't have clean white paper. >_<

My drawings aren't always clean and neat so please excuse me for that.

I have been trying out the portrait style since January but I haven't gotten anywhere since I started classes T_T.

This one isn't my best @_@.

I know that the eyes are a little close together. Ok... a lot. and it needs to be closer to the nose.

This is another portrait attempt with a mix of anime/manga style. The hair took me a long time almost half a day since I'm not a porfessional.

Do you have any pointers? Please leave comments and critiques. *sniff* I get lonely here. Lolz.

Thanks for reading!


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