Another day in the life of an Almost-Cosmetologist @_@

Just so you guys know, I have gotten fairly lazy at posting. I don't know how bloggers can get around to posting once a day T_T. I'm getting too tired from classes and work to do anything. *dies*

Here's more thoughts on cosmetology for you guys.

I learned that classes will be longer in the summer. Right now we are at 7.5 hours. In the summer it comes to 10 hours.

We've just finished the nails this weak and now we go into laws and sanitation which shouldn't last too long. I am thinking around 1-7 days. Afterwards we will start on hair. The motherload of them all.

I also learned that getting a cosmetology degree in Kansas is the hardest because in other states you can transfer your license but here in Kansas, you cannot. Rather, you have to take the test all over again to get your license changed.

The exams include a practical and a written. Practical  must be taken in Topeka, Kansas. The practical lasts for around 5-8 hours. >_<

The exam includes: cutting hair, perms, waxing, dying, waves, etc. In all, it includes a lot more hair than nails.

Here are more of my attempts at sculptured nails, acrylics, and nail art. Sad isn't it? >_<

You guys can tell that I like the color pink right? Lolz.

*sigh* I hope I get better at this soon ~_~. If any of you guys have any tutorials or anything feel free to post it under the comments or contact me! Thanks!


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