HimeGyaru Styled Nails!

Okay, so here's some new nail designs that I did in cosmetology. You won't believe how long I spent on each nail. 

I spent at least freaking 15-30 minutes on each one T_T. I didn't know what to do on each nail so I ended up looking at the nail and just picking stuff and colors to design it with.

At least they look ok right? Which one do you like the most? I like second to last picture. Took me a long time to put on the pearls and designs! 

I'm getting used to my schedule so I don't feel so tired everyday!

I tried to do some himegyaru styled nails. Does it look like it? I love the himegyaru style! Can you tell? *hohohoho* 

Thanks for reading! ^_^


My Vacation To Asia! Pictures Pictures and More Pictures!

I was telling myself that I should post up some photos from my vacation in February during Lunar New Year! It was a great experience since I haven't been to my country in a long long time. I was glad but have to take off time from college and had to make up all my assignments T_T. <----- That was the sad part ~_~.

This was the pictures of my trip. This was when I entered Narita Airport in Japan.

They had such cool nicknacks! Be prepared to receive yen instead of dollars in change if you buy something! lolz. Maybe I will use the yen when I go through Japan again. ~_~

Here's some pictures of some ice-cream I had a really big ice-cream social place. Very good ice-cream!

One was a mangosop shake, 2 strawberry shakes, a vanilla nut ice-cream, and 2 fruit ice-cream. It was delicious since it contained exotic asian fruits! ^_^

There was durian, longan, jackfruit flavors in it too!

Loved every second of it! ^_^

 I want to show you guys show scenery I captured from Vietnam but I have to find and edit them. You will be seeing them soon so don't worry!

It was a very enjoyable trip! I loved how relaxed everything is!

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Recent Jewelry Haul!

Sorry guys. I have been so lazy >_<. I just feel like taking a nap everyday once I get home but I have tests to study for but I'm blogging instead of doing it T_T.

I recently bought some really cute jewelry! I ended spending a lot of money but I think it was worth it. I'll post some photos and everything below. ~_~

Aren't they so pretty?

The earring, necklace, and bracelet set cost $20
Earrings are $5
Bracelet are $10
Rings are $5
Headbands are $10

The cool thing about these necklaces is that they don't have a clasp! They have a magnetized button that snaps together in the back! So convenient!

I loved this haul because I love getting jewelry, even if I don't wear them all ~_~.

That's it for now!



Baby Portrait With Shading ^_^


 Please click the image to view full size! THANK YOU!

I think by far this is my greatest baby portrait. Not that I have drawn any ... T_T

 I know I messed up on the mouth but I love how the eyes turned out.

That's about it!

Just to let you guys know, my scanner kills all my shading and coloring. ~_~ *dies* This took my forever so enjoy!

Comments and critiques welcomed!


Another Portrait/Anime/Manga Style Attempt!

Click the image to see the full size please!
If you guys notice my drawings tend to have weird stuff showing through since I sketch and draw on backs of calendars, hand-outs, etc. 

I tend to draw when I get motivated, which is in an area in which I don't have clean white paper. >_<

My drawings aren't always clean and neat so please excuse me for that.

I have been trying out the portrait style since January but I haven't gotten anywhere since I started classes T_T.

This one isn't my best @_@.

I know that the eyes are a little close together. Ok... a lot. and it needs to be closer to the nose.

This is another portrait attempt with a mix of anime/manga style. The hair took me a long time almost half a day since I'm not a porfessional.

Do you have any pointers? Please leave comments and critiques. *sniff* I get lonely here. Lolz.

Thanks for reading!


Sketches and Shading!

Click the pictures to look at it in full size please! ^_^

Here are some random sketches I have been working on. Once again watermarked! Please do not distribute or use without asking me or referencing/crediting me!

I'll be very sad and upset otherwise!

In the portrait of the girl I tried to do a portrait but ended up mixing realism and manga/anime style. 


I'm just recently learning about shading so feel free to leave comments and/or tutorials/videos or give me pointers!

I rarely color my art so seeing one colored is very rare *sigh*.

That's it! Thanks for viewing!


My First Art Post! Woot Woot!

Click on the picture for full size~! ^_^

I decided to do a quick post. I've been practicing on ways to draw flowers thus far. It's not going that great.

I did this while in cosmetology class during break.

Can anyone guess what I colored the flowers with?

It's nail polish! 

Now I can call this nail ART right? lolz. Sorry for my lame jokes. Wakakak.

I'm a newbie at coloring but I hope to get better. My scanner also crapped up the colors >_<.

This is not on paper so I didn't use pencil, I used a silver sharpie and drew this before coloring with nail polish. 

This is just a cosmo cleaning pad/mat thingie-mabobber. I don't know what it's called ~_~.

Comments and critiques welcomed.

I'm tagging and watermarking all my art since there's been so much online theft and such.

I'm not the best at drawing but who knows! 

Thanks for reading! ^_^



Another day in the life of an Almost-Cosmetologist @_@

Just so you guys know, I have gotten fairly lazy at posting. I don't know how bloggers can get around to posting once a day T_T. I'm getting too tired from classes and work to do anything. *dies*

Here's more thoughts on cosmetology for you guys.

I learned that classes will be longer in the summer. Right now we are at 7.5 hours. In the summer it comes to 10 hours.

We've just finished the nails this weak and now we go into laws and sanitation which shouldn't last too long. I am thinking around 1-7 days. Afterwards we will start on hair. The motherload of them all.

I also learned that getting a cosmetology degree in Kansas is the hardest because in other states you can transfer your license but here in Kansas, you cannot. Rather, you have to take the test all over again to get your license changed.

The exams include a practical and a written. Practical  must be taken in Topeka, Kansas. The practical lasts for around 5-8 hours. >_<

The exam includes: cutting hair, perms, waxing, dying, waves, etc. In all, it includes a lot more hair than nails.

Here are more of my attempts at sculptured nails, acrylics, and nail art. Sad isn't it? >_<

You guys can tell that I like the color pink right? Lolz.

*sigh* I hope I get better at this soon ~_~. If any of you guys have any tutorials or anything feel free to post it under the comments or contact me! Thanks!