Yee! OPI and Pivot Point Kits!

 Hi guys and welcome back to my blog! Life has been a little hectic these days with all the work I have to do and entering my cosmetology classes!

You'll learn that I like to whine after you get to know me. >_<

Today sort of felt like Christmas since all the students in cosmetology got to open all the nail and hair kits to mark out names on the products and sort them and put them away.

That isn't my photos but once I get to take all the products home I will take a picture of everything that I got so you guys can see.

We received a roll-about that is around 4-5 foot long filled with hair related products like shears, bottles, clips, bobby pins, etc in the roll-about.

I also received one big box of nail products that came from OPI. It contained everything for manicures and pedicures. From nail polishes, to massage lotion, cuticle cream, gel nails, wraps, acrylics, etc.

There was also a big box from Pivot Point. It contained 2 female manikin heads, 1 male head with a beard(lolz), lots of wigs for the manikins, around 6-9 of them.

We also received curling irons, flat irons, blow dryers, and 2 electric shavers to cut male hairs (I have no idea what it's called T_T).

After getting the kit put away we started on more rules of the classroom. >_<

We don't get to take any of the stuff home *sad face*.

That was about all that we did for the day. There's a lot of nice people in the classroom that I got to know which was a plus.

I am just waiting for the days to pass fast fast fast!

Heading to bed so I'll blog more tomorrow!


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