Review: Kodak C183, Kodak Rechargeable AA Batteries,Charger

Alright guys, I recently purchased the Kodak C183 from Wal-Mart for 50 dollars plus tax.

It is in black and with 14 megapixels.

It takes very high quality pictures. I love the fact that it can lighten up the environment and zoom in to multiple degrees. I guess this is because of the batteries. The pictures take can be comparable to photos from the Sony Cybershot.

I love the fact that the pictures that I take are so HQ! They look more amazingly clear than the camera on my phone! Even the Ipod Touch I have doesn't take pictures as high quality as this camera does!

One of the disadvantages for the Kodak C183 is that it uses batteries. How is that for a turndown?

The batteries don't last for very long, maybe a couple hours. I used it for around an hour and the battery started to decrease by almost half.

I've found a solution to the whole battery problem. After searching around on ebay, I found out about rechargeable batteries. I wouldn't have to buy so many batteries if I just order the rechargeable batteries online with a recharger.

After going around the camera section in Wal-Mart I found a box set with rechargeable batteries and charger for Kodak AA batteries.

I don't know if I have a defective battery and I haven't yet time to go and buy another set and see if it's the batteries or the camera.

After using the rechargeable batteries for 2 days the battery stops charging. I'm assured that the battery stopped charging and the charger is no problem, still works fine.

I bought 2 sets of AA rechargeable kodak batteries that both died after I charged them 2 times for 2 days taking them out after the light turned off!

I've stopped using the camera because I really don't have that kind of money to keep replacing the batteries.

I've read up on the camera and many people say that the lenses are a major issue being that they sometimes don't close. This is not a problem for me since the lenses on my Kodak C183 is working perfectly fine.

The biggest problem is just the batteries!

It's a great camera for beginners though.


Creates great outdoor photos
High Quality Photos
Face Detection
Face Tagging
Face Recognition
Keyword Tagging
Easy to Share
Great Look


Can't take great close up photos
Poor battery life
Heavier than other digital cameras

I give it a 3/5.

Will I buy this camera again? No. The Kodak C183 is not being used because I'm not willing to buy anymore batteries.

Thank you for reading and continue to stay tuned for more posts!


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