Review: Bride Of The Water God by Yun Mi-Kyung

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There's a current manhwa (korean version of manga) that I am totally obsessed about!!! Has anyone read Bride of The Water God by Yun Mi-kyung? 


"When Soah's impoverished, desperate village decides to sacrifice her to the Water God Habaek to end a long drought, they believe that drowning one beautiful girl will save their entire community and bring much-needed rain. Not only is Soah surprised to be rescued by the Water God-instead of killed-she never imagined she'd be a welcomed guest in Habaek's magical kingdom, where an exciting new life awaits her! Most surprising, however, is the Water God himself... and how very different he is from the monster Soah imagined." -- Animea.net

You can read it the the link below! It's where I read this manga from since it's just so long.


There are currently 104 chapters out! 

My review


The art is just spectacular! 
Everything is so detailed! 
You can see what I mean when you start reading this manhwa! 


The only thing that this manhwa lacks is a greater plot. The plot is really draggy and I'm not a fan of  draggy plots. This could of been finished at the greatest 100 chapters but it's still ongoing. You see my point?

Updates from this story takes forever to come out in english!


The beautiful art really helps the plot so I really recommend reading this! When I read this manhwa it's always very dramatic 

Examples from the Manhwa:

Beautiful art right? Get to reading it guys! See you next time!


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